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Work in oils in 2011
UNTITLED on Warm Springs

This painting was painted during the winter of 2011 in the Warm Springs area of Sun Valley ID. The inspiration for the texture of this piece was inspired from weathered wood I discovered in the fencing around the property I was renting that winter. During my meditations on this property I would often watch the elk come down from the mountains to feed and jump over the fence on the property. After further inspection I was inspired to paint on wood in a large scale. This piece is 84" H x 84" W  x 1.75" D. There are two separate folding door panels for a 4 panel total assortment. The two (2 door) panels are interchangeable and design and can be reversed or flipped upside down to change the pattern of the painting.



Dimentions: 84" H x 84" W  x 1.75" D

Medium: Oil on folding Wood Doors

Price: $7895 Currently available for sale


Custom Steel frame also available by artist shown in a Sliver Leaf Frame to the left.



New works in oils in Q1 of 2019
New works in oils focused primarily on spatial-tension, minimalist color applications, and shape-association. These eleven pieces represent studies for further investigation in large-scale oil paintings.  Spatial-tension in a minimalist environment is a topic Michael is passionate about and one he hopes to explore in large-scale environments. Future pieces will include more-direct association with vibrant colors inspired by the color field painters of the 70s.
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